Nutrition-Facts-NewHRB Movement was born from the idea that social progress is a process. Through life experiences we’ve learned that only true and dedicated action can create real change, so in June of 2010 the HRB team set out on a mission. At it’s core, this mission is to cause a mental shift of the masses from the ‘negative’ to the ‘positive’. To do this, we hope to inspire all generations, old and young, with the promotion of sustainable concepts, respect for yourself, respect for those around you, and respect for our World.

Most people choose to wear clothing brands or designs that represent who they are as individuals, as do we. As a result, HRB started making clothing combining the creative and aesthetic designs we envisioned, along with the most sustainable materials (organic and recycled cotton, recycled water bottles, bamboo and hemp) available to us on the market. Our brand’s acronym – Hope Resides Beneath – is a belief of ours that positive thoughts and actions serve as the strongest root system for personal and societal growth. Based on that moral foundation, we made a decision that HRB could not amount to its full potential until we showed the world we practice what we preach, doing so by putting business into action through involvement with local projects across our global community.

Through our use of ever-changing, but always smooth, color combinations and high-quality printing, you’re sure to get a slick and unique product so that you look good. We use some of the softest and most durable organic and recycled fabrics on the market so that you feel good. Most importantly, through our various avenues of involvement with local environmental and community initiatives you contribute to the well-being of our global society, so that you do good. HRB truly is more than just clothing, it is a movement of like-minded individuals heading in one unified direction. We hope you’ll journey with us.

The fabric of our society